How to make a dragonfly 3d origami (modular origami) video lesson

Video description

Shows how to make a dragonfly of pieces origami.

We need 63 triangular pieces (modules):

8 orange pieces, 16 pink and 39 green.

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

We connect the two orange pieces and do two such blanks

Put the two together and attach the blank 3 pink pieces.

In side "pockets" pink pieces inserted one pink piece.

This will be the holders of the wings.

Attach the two other pieces. This is our fourth row.

We put three more pieces.

We put in the side pockets holders wings

Attach the two other pieces, inserting three corners in the piece.

We put on another piece middle.

Origami to hold tight, we'll stick together pieces clerical colorless glue

The trunk is ready for dragonfly

Next, from the green pieces do left wing

It will take 8 pieces

The last piece is inserted in two areas.

The wing is ready. Make another one like that.

Now do the right wing. Putting down the corners of pieces

The last piece is inserted in two areas.

Make another one like wing.

Now, with the result that we get.

Next collect tail.

At the end of the tail can bend slightly upwards.

That's what we should be at this point.

Take two green pieces and stem from a ballpoint pen.

Make a mustache.

Whiskers to the abdomen.

Next, put on the dragonfly wings.

and tail

That's what we have turned a dragonfly

Surely such a dragonfly like it as a toy for children and maybe even some adults ;)

Experiment with the size and color of the paper. You can try using a colored foil on paper

Now you know how to make a dragonfly from the triangular pieces 3D origami.

Also you can see how to make other 3D origami